Here's how LegalVision serves your trial presentation needs:

1. Listen.

Like a "jury of one," we first listen well. We work closely with you to flesh out your case issues, uncover hidden challenges, and clarify your client's goals. After gaining an understanding of your case narrative, we help you probe for nuances and gaps in story appeal and logic.

2. Evaluate and Brainstorm.

Based on your client's objectives, we work with you to develop a campaign of ideas to package your case's compelling arguments and to inoculate against your opponent's strengths. We are imaginative and creative thinkers with a flair for developing simple analogies for complex issues. Because we've honed our skills with some of the best trial lawyers in the country, we have built up a knowledge base of ideas and strategies that are likely to work well with decision-makers.

3. Create.

Once you and your client have focused on specific presentation ideas, we create and execute your final presentation visuals in any of the following media:

  • Electronic (PowerPoint®, Trial Director® or Sanction®)
  • Presentation boards
  • CD/DVD
  • Color handouts
  • 3D models

As useful as our visuals are, you may benefit at least as much from our development process itself. You may find it easier to write your opening statement after our process is complete. As for closing argument, you may find it convenient and effective to set aside your script and simply use our closing charts as talking points. Most importantly, we meet your trial deadlines - even when you have last minute requests.

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