When winning is everything, you need a full-service team of experienced experts who understand how to use today's technology to your advantage.

Our network's team of top litigation consulting companies is here to be your partner in determining the key facts, recreating past events, envisioning future events, and presenting complex information to jurors in the most persuasive and memorable way. We draw on our experience in countless trials, mediations, arbitrations and settlement conferences, and our extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Electronic discovery and database
  • Trial strategy assistance
  • Jury research
  • Animations
  • Simulations
  • Trial graphics
  • In-court trial support

LegalVision and its network partners give you the best of both worlds: the capacity and integration of a large litigation support company with the passion, expertise, low cost and nimbleness of specialized providers on the cutting edge of our fields.

Partners include:

Litigation Tech

Litigation-Tech LLC

Litigation-Tech is an award-winning litigation support company, having worked on many high-profile matters throughout the nation. Offering a wide range of services, its primary focus is on database preparation and in-court electronic presentation. Litigation-Tech is experienced in all software solutions for the courtroom and war room.

Precision Simulations

Precision Simulations, Inc.

PSI develops compelling computer generated 3-D animations and simulations, with emphasis on accurate reconstructions of accidents, crimes and fires. PSI uses 3-D laser scanning and photogrammetry to recreate missing evidence and provide virtual access to changed or inaccessible sites. The technology used is highly accurate and has allowed PSI to maintain a 100% admissions rate in courtroom submissions of its work.

Trial Behavior

Trial Behavior Consulting, Inc.

TBCI applies its social science expertise and insights from jury research to help you use today’s new virtual technologies for maximum persuasive impact at mediations, arbitrations, Markman hearings, settlement conferences and trial.

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