Lawyer photo - Jonathan Carey

Jonathan Carey


Jonathan has worked closely with attorneys and expert witnesses to produce persuasive and educational courtroom presentations for more than 2,000 business, personal injury and criminal trials since 1991. He has developed an expertise in making complex information easy for lay audiences to understand - and remember. In addition to a BS in Mechanical Engineering Design from the University of Massachusetts, Carey received an MBA from Tulane University.

Lawyer photo - David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal

Chief Operating Officer/Partner

David's unique strength in designing demonstrative exhibits is his litigation experience. As a public defender in Alameda County and federal public defender in San Diego, he tried numerous cases before judges and juries. Since 1997, he has combined the art of persuasion with his intimate knowledge of how juries think. In addition to art and design training, he received a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley and a JD from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Case Manager/Designer photo - Zoe Heimdal

Zoë Heimdal

Case Manager/Senior Designer

Zoë has been designing trial exhibits and providing litigation support for almost 25 years. She enjoys the challenge of simplifying complex cases with the design of clear and easy-to-understand graphic presentations. Zoë is an alumna of both Ohio State University and the Academy of Art University, and has a BFA in Graphic Design, with emphasis on typography and information graphics. Her expertise includes visual story-telling, computer and hand-drawn illustration, photography, and online research.

Designer photo - Golan photo

Golan Sarfati

Designer/Production Supervisor

Golan has over 10 years of experience developing graphics and animation for audiences in the courtroom and on the internet. After receiving his BA in Computer Animation from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Golan began his career as a graphic designer and animator, freelancing and working for marketing agencies. Since 2012, Golan has been an integral part of the LegalVision design team. Among his specialties are illustration and digital art, flash animation, large format printing, web design, and video production.

Design team photo

Our Design Team

We rely on our experienced team of designers to help us create clear and compelling exhibits to meet your litigation deadlines.

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