Jonathan Carey

Jonathan has worked closely with attorneys and expert witnesses to produce persuasive and educational courtroom presentations for more than 2,000 business, personal injury and criminal trials since 1991. He has developed an expertise in making complex information easy for lay audiences to understand – and remember. In addition to a BS in Mechanical Engineering Design from the University of Massachusetts, Carey received an MBA from Tulane University.

David Rosenthal
Chief Operating Officer/Partner

David’s unique strength in designing demonstrative exhibits is his litigation experience. As a public defender in Alameda County and federal public defender in San Diego, he tried numerous cases before judges and juries. Since 1997, he has combined the art of persuasion with his intimate knowledge of how juries think. In addition to art and design training, he received a BA in Economics from UC Berkeley and a JD from the University of San Diego School of Law.

Golan Sarfati
Lead Designer/Production Supervisor

Golan has over 20 years of experience developing graphics and animation for audiences in the courtroom and on the internet. After receiving his BA in Computer Animation from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Golan began his career as a graphic designer and animator, freelancing and working for marketing agencies. Since 2012, Golan has been an integral part of the LegalVision design team. Among his specialties are illustration and digital art, animation, large format printing, web design, and video production.

Contract Design Team

We rely on a team of experienced contract designers from time to time to support our capabilities. This means we can handle large cases with tight deadlines, as well as your specialty presentation needs such as medical illustration and videography. Since we have vetted and worked with our designers for years on dozens of challenging cases, your experience will be seamless. We can cover your needs, no matter the deadline or your last minute changes.


LegalVision’s network of litigation consulting companies extends our service offerings from trial and mediation graphics, presentations, and video production into litigation technology, animation, 3D modeling, and trial consulting. Our partners can help you determine the key facts, recreate past events, envision future events, and present complex information to jurors in persuasive and memorable ways. Our partners draw on their combined experience in thousands of trials, mediations, arbitrations, settlement conferences, electronic databases, trial strategy, in-court support, jury research, and animations/simulations.

Combined, LegalVision and its network partners give you the best of both worlds: the capacity and integration of a one-stop litigation support company with the passion, expertise, lower cost and nimbleness of focused, boutique specialists. Our partners include:


Litigation-Tech LLC is an experienced, award-winning litigation support company that has worked on many high-profile matters. Offering a wide range of services including database preparation, Zoom/remote services and presentation, and litigation tech support services for the courtroom and war room.



3d Forensic develops compelling computer generated 3D animations and simulations, with emphasis on accurate reconstructions of accidents, crimes and fires. Using highly-accurate 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry, 3D Forensic has maintained a 100% admissions rate for courtroom submissions.



Trialcraft gets you ready to win with pre-trial, in-trial, and post-trial research, witness preparation, theme development, and jury selection assistance. Its consulting services draw upon vast trial experience and the insights of social science to craft hearings, cases or client presentations that speak to the mind and the heart.


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