Courtroom Technology / "Hot Seat"

Quickly accessing, showing and highlighting your evidence at trial is essential. We help you make it easy for jurors to follow along and remember your evidence and case story.

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Video Editing and Production

Need to edit surveillance or deposition video clips? Have drone footage? Want to share a life story for a wrongful death case? We know how to effectively use video in litigation.

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Corporate Presentations

Have a high-stakes meeting, pitch or press conference? We can help you turn ideas into a memorable and persuasive presentation. Don’t settle for bullet-point text slides!

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Trial Graphics

Trust our experience designing graphics for thousands of cases. Our work with top litigators since 1991 gives us insights into how visuals can help you win your case.

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Mediation and Arbitration Visuals

If achieving optimal settlement is your goal, we help maximize your chances by creating visuals to make a mediator - and opposing counsel - see how your client's version of the story is powerful.

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Case Theme Development

We help you focus on your strongest case themes, and then create impactful visuals you can use to convey those themes to juries, judges or mediators.

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What trial visuals will you show
to advance your case story and
to support your themes?