Need to edit surveillance or deposition video clips? Have drone footage? Want to share a life story for a wrongful death case? We know how to effectively use video in litigation.

Legal videography can be essential to all aspects of civil and criminal law, including shooting documentaries such as “day in the life,” mediation videos, scenes of incidents, proof of damages, video recording of the will executions, pre-and post-nuptial agreement signings, pre-and post-construction documentaries, evidence of insurance fraud, and, of course the video recording of depositions. 

LegalVision’s videographers can help you optimize your case for trial. We know that litigation can be high-stakes for your client, so our team is ready to help you better prepare and prevail. Our videos can be used in your car accident, negligence, and product liability claims, asbestos claims, slip-and-fall injuries, premises liability, gun issues, medical devices and malpractice, and workers’ compensation claims. We work with you to help jurors virtually visit places outside the courtroom and better understand the findings of your expert witnesses. We help you frame video to show your client’s perspective for jurors, judges and mediators. We work with your witnesses and experts  to help them show your case to jurors and judges. Whether you are trying your case in San Francisco, Oakland, New York, or beyond, we can enhance your case presentations with video that helps you make your case clear and compelling in a mediation or trial in Federal or State Courts.

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