Quickly accessing, showing and highlighting your evidence at trial is essential. We help you make it easy for jurors to follow along and remember your evidence and case story.

Trial technicians or “hot seat” operators are an invaluable resource to your trial team. Trial techs spend a great deal of time in court and in front of judges. Their specialized knowledge and skills can free trial lawyers to focus on the judge, the law, their client and all other aspects of the trial. A “hot seat” professional can ensure your evidence, opening statement and closing argument visuals are presented seamlessly and quickly. Why take chance on running your own visual presentation? Your tech is experienced at helping lawyers look good in court and ensuring that your case story be fully realized, all while being nearly invisible to the judge and jury.

An experienced trial technician will help you in court by:

What trial visuals will you show
to advance your case story and
to support your themes?